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[02 Jun 2010|09:18pm]
just bought this:

for pretty much the best deal ever. so happy. and such a nice bike. 

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[03 Apr 2010|08:52pm]
every time I come home I am just reminded of how much things have changed in a year. i've moved on, i don't even really talk to my delaware friends anymore. my life is just different now and I feel like they don't really understand without accusing me of being pretentious or leaving them behind. i cant help but think how much more meaningful my life is now that i'm going to school and actually working hard...and being at college made me realize what real friendships are. so after this summer i'm not coming back to delaware which is really great. my lease for my house starts in july but I probably won't be there steadily until august because I'm working in west chester again. but im so excited! the house is great and brand new. i have a bike now so me rachel and jack have been going a lot of different places all over the city; its always nice to get a break from north philly.
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[07 Mar 2010|10:23pm]
i hate hate hate hate being home.
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[01 Mar 2010|11:39am]
It is great when life is so satisfyingly fulfilling. Art school is awesome. I love all my friends. I don't wanna go home. However, I hate being sickeningly positive.
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[09 Feb 2010|02:02am]
im finally making work im really proud of. just so happens it keeps me up until two in the morning.
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[21 Jan 2010|05:03pm]
SO GLAD TO BE BACK. i have just enough work to keep me busy but not overwhelmed. at least not yet. probably will be soon though but i'm expecting it, so it should be fine. and i get to see my boo and my friends and eat wraps for dinner every night and yeah!
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[07 Jan 2010|12:53am]
i understand your jealous, but do you really need to talk about how much i suck to all your friends? we're a little old for that. and i already know i suck, thank you very much.
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[01 Jan 2010|02:02pm]
i wish i was immune to feeling guilt.
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[23 Dec 2009|02:01pm]
i'm finally dating a decent and genuinely caring human being
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[20 Dec 2009|12:35am]
i'm home and its seems like i'm already losing some of my old friends. time to move on, time to grow up. this is directed towards a lot of people.
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[13 Dec 2009|06:49pm]
is the world ending and i just didn't get the memo? everyone seems so unhappy. and i, for one, would not say i am not the picture of happiness, but still. things can't be that bad. things could be worse. things could be a lot worse then what you're making them out to be. i am completely aware that so many things suck in my life, but a deep sense of acceptance has made my life so much more fulfilling. yeah, i might have gotten my heart broken earlier in the year but you know what? its okay. it hurt but, it's okay. i'm still alive. i still see them. i still am friends with them. i meet new people all the time, make new friends and connections. ive met someone i really like, so who knows what will happen.

i stayed up for 36 hours finishing my 2d design final, among other things. but it was okay. it was worth it. I didnt put it off, because i started it three days before that. it just took a long time. when i showed my teacher he said "that is beautiful." it wasn't the absolute best in the class but it was the best i could do. and that is perfectly alright.

some people waste so much energy hating other people. oh i hate lots of people but i try not to think about it as much as i used to. don't waste your energy.

first semester went to quickly. i learned a lot. it was humbling. i'm ready for what's next. i wanna get back to the city, ive been home for 24 hours and i'm already itching to get back. i'm going back for my exam on wednesday and then staying around for a show next saturday which i'm pretty much using as an excuse to stay up there longer. i'll be back next sunday for the rest of the break. ugh. should i be guilty about not wanting to come home?
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[10 Dec 2009|04:18pm]
the most fortuitous blessings quickly have turned into the most confusing curses. sometimes you get what you ask for, and sometimes you get too much of it.

i'm scared of the feeling lately that i have it all. i have friends. i have good grades. i have a great roommate. i have an apartment for next year. i have a lot of work, but thats the norm now. everything is going pretty well. so what's next?
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[04 Dec 2009|02:56am]
philly is just a mindfuck of places to go and people to see
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[10 Nov 2009|11:30am]
I work constantly. i haven't been bored in two months. I do school work every day except friday, not because I want to, but out of necessity. I would never get it all done if i didnt. when i dont work, i drink, and i drink because i work so much.  
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[30 Oct 2009|03:05am]
i wake up every morning and think to myself this is not how things are supposed to be
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[21 Oct 2009|02:02am]
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[03 Oct 2009|03:52pm]
theres too many men in my life
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[23 Sep 2009|08:17pm]
somehow i have time for everything and nothing at the same time. havent watched tv in weeks but i dont mind one bit. i have a best best friend here now, im so happy. he's gonna be my best friend for a long time. and of course my old friend malt liquor is always close by. sometimes classes really are terrible but i get a weird fulfillment out of them, regardless of how much drawing sucks. my teachers really like me, i like most of them. my two d design teacher is:
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[21 Sep 2009|08:14am]
college for me is waiting until the last minute to do my work and hanging out with guys that are far too old. but i wouldnt have it any other way  

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[06 Sep 2009|03:23am]
college lets me indulge in every vice possible, to the excess
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